EK Haseena thi Ek Deewana Tha (A Startup Story )

Actress: Maggu and Nidhi Narrator:Deepti,Amisha and Amarjeet Story writer: Amarjeet and Govind Technical support: Deepti and Amisha Director: Amarjeet Kapoor Producer: Govind


Ek Haseena thi, Ek deewana tha. Almost everyone is well acquainted with the famous Harry Potter movies. In the very first installation of this film series we come across this young boy, Harry. Harry has many dreams and high ambitions. But what he lack is knowledge, opportunity and resources. And then something happens. Something that changes Harry’s life drastically but for the better. Harry finds Hogwards: a special school for special children to teach them skills that enable them to create magic with their own hands.

It’s not that difficult to find a similar situation in our country these days. Youngsters with misguided aspiration are easily available. Maggu is one such youngster. He is what you call a StartUp fanatic (Deewana). He has all these ideas ringing in his ear, calling him to come and act on them. He is obsessed with startups. But, the lack of knowledge, opportunity and resources has started to consume his dreams as well.

Now what can Maggu do? He doesn’t have a Hogwards to go to. Or does he?

There comes a magic wand (IEDC) that convert a normal college into Hogwards but this wand can only convert just 15 colleges to Hogwards and each Hogwards can only accepts just 20 max projects to work on. As every college can’t become Hogwards. So, there are certain requirements to be a Hogwards and as every Hogwards needs a dumbledor. So, does our magic wand provide us 2 dumbledor for each Hogwards (so genuine of them ) but to become a Dumbledor there is need to pass a test.

So our friend Maggu has got into Hogwards and acquired all the skill and knowledge he needs to run a healthy startup venture. But there is still something missing. Something really very crucial. Our deewana needs a Haseena. And that is when NIDHI comes into play. NIDHI provided Maggu with all the resources that maggu needed for healthy startup venture but Maggu can only get NIDHI if he has studied from our Hogwards plus NIDHI takes a test to check if maggu is capable of her. If maggu passed test and all requirements of NIDHI then NIDHI will be his If he promises that no one else will be in her life expect her. Our friend agreed to all of above and finally gets NIDHI and finally lived happily and successful with his startup dream.

So, this was all our story to know more about this girl NIDHI and magic wand IEDC that changed maggu’s life scroll your screen little down.

For that type of persons there is a scheme IEDC (Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre).

New scheme -

Make job seekers to job generators.

Let’s talk about IEDC

  1. For center, space should be there.
  2. Exams for the mentors, then only they can guide the students.
  3. Funds provided by NIDHI.
  4. Scheme for five years.
  5. Provide 2.5 lakhs to college per project.
  6. maximum twenty projects.
  7. 25000 paid to Mentors.

Review and mentoring

EDII - Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India. NEAC - National Experts Advisory Committee.


Let’s talk about NIDHI:

India beated China in no. of startups in 2015. India progress a lot in investment. Half of funding goes to mobile, ecommerce and SaaS rest in others, Parent of NIDHI is DST. DST department of science and technology. NIDHI supports financially. They invest less if not more innovative ideas but more funding in more innovative ideas and inclined to them.


Not every can get NIDHI. There is national level test for members of IEDC.And NIDHI provide funds only to IEDC members. Only 20 projects are handled by Nidhi in a year.

Essential Features

Only for students not for mentors. Person should be fully focused on the project. 20 startups are furnished in a year.


No student would be a part of more than one team. Project should be IP


Winner team’s IEDC get 2 lakhs cash and trophy.


What if the idea fails??