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Open Street Map (Davinder kaur)

History of Map.The organisations provide information which a normal user cannot change. Steve made OSM freely available. Open site Not for profit foundation. No employees. All volunteers. Open licensed Millions of people working together in collaboration. 3D maps available. Recording Data. Really helped in tracking location during disasters which is not possible with other maps like Google Maps. Q. How will one can map an unreachable location? Like :- an island or a are between mountains. Because there will be no cell signal no digital means of communication. Ans. ?

Markdown page (Deepti)

Push the code in github of Markdown page. Easy Syntax than HTML . Does not support color schemes. Some editors don’t support table Syntax. Don’t know which editor. Github contain file. We can change it to other extension.

Q. Why README is in capital letters. Ans. To make highest priority of it. Difference between unoconv and pandoc. Ans. Not convert directly into pdf format need LATEX support. Q. Difference between md and markdown. Ans. No difference Q. Who controls these versions. Ans. Q. Difference between markup and markdown? Ans.

Certificate Generation System (Amisha)

CSV What are the basic requirements for installation like you said php,python and what else? Ans. There is no need to specifically put this system under html, It will directly work. What is pclzip.lib.php? Ans. (Suggestion)Make this automatic that person don’t have to change in this file. Extension having zip can have many files but there is only one in .gz extension. Try to do modification so that this system will work on every system. gd is a graphic drawing language used to see the crop image. Q. How you got to know that $id.pdf is missing in the file? What is the need to add it? The space is important after pdf i.e .$id.’.pdf ‘ . $source_file; Upload the changes to github and gitlab. Q. Did she made changes to file?

$ locate .odt grep PC_name more is a useful command. Try this.

LaTeX (Manpreet) LaTeX provide structure, no need to edit content again and again Easy to write maths formula and positioning of images. .dvi is device independent file which is converted to postscript and then pdf file is generated. Maketitle is necessary? Answer-: (by manpreet )yes otherwise there will be error (actually) no it is not necessary.

Correct Answer : \maketitle is not compulsory, without it you can print author, title and date. But it is compulsory, when you want to print author, date and title in separate title page. The \maketitle command generates a title on a separate title page.

Difference between tex and latex? To be answered Are there different packages for LaTeX for different OS? That is texlive is only for linux? What is typesetting?

ARCE (Gagandeep) Analysis of reinforced concrete elements software used for testing concrete elements. Install git on your laptop. For cloning give the command git clone “url”. Git manage the code history .Github provide hosting service to your Git repository. Arce check capacity and capability of concrete elements.

Introduction to HTML (Navdeep) Different tags are there like head, img, link etc.

Q. What is Hypertext? Ans.

Q. Difference between table data and table row? Ans. Types of list: ordered, unordered Explain more about Definition list In radio buttons we can choose only 1 things, but can choose all options in checkboxes. Q. What are HTML frames? Ans. Web Server and CGI (Mandeep Kaur) Q. What is apache and localhost? Q. What is the need to make your system a web server? Do read about your program again and understand its working. Q. What is g++? Ans. g++ is a compiler, a program that will take your C++ source code and compile it into a binary file that can be executed to actually run your program. Q. Is server needed to open html file in browser?

Yourls (Jagjeet) Your own URL You can add short url for any site so that you need not to enter that original URL whenever you want to access that. Put yourls in html folder. Go through the config.php file for changes.

XML (Tamandeep Khamba) It is extensible markup language. What is metalanguage? Give example of any which in not a metalanguage. You can define your own tags in XML. What is the basic meaning of carrying data in XML? Can’t we carry in HTML? XML data can be exchanged between systems that were not designed to do so. Is .xml file is platform independent or not? It can’t handle large amount of data. XML file does not appear to have styling. When to use XML and when to use database? Ans. For simple and small scale data use xml and for complex and large scale data prefer database.

3D to 2D conversion (Amritpal) FreeCAD software is used Terminal gives more controlling in FreeCAD. Four views shown - front, left, top and isometric. Q. Does hidden and visible edge get change on rotating object? Ans. Q. When we rotate object in FreeCAD does object get rotated or view plane? Ans. Answer (by sir) object get rotated with axis. Add annotations to drawings. Try drafter?

PHP (Ramanjot Kaur) It is a server side language.