GD Entry Task

Cross Platform Application Development

Codename One:

  • Java based Open Source Project.
  • Supports Android, IOS, blackberry and Desktop Application.
  • Need Internet Connection to convert to binaries.
  • Don’t required to install anything like NDK, SDK.
  • We need to send Code to server to compile to binaries.
  • After building of application on Codename Server, We can get binaries through emails.
  • Building to Desktop application available but paid.
  • Building to Mobile application free.
  • We can even setup our own server.
  • Codename have dedicated simulator:
    • Load project.
    • Create project.


Application to help Civil Engineers collect data from survey. What it does: - Get data from user. - Send data to server. - We would access data through API.

Data Stored by this Application:

  • Soil survey.
  • Data of testing.
  • Submitted to.
  • In presence.
  • Type of structure.
  • Boor.
    • Location.
    • Survey data.
    • Length.
    • Type.