Database Management System(Deepti)

Difference between file system and hierarchical based system?

Function of Grant and revoke with example?

Difference between full join and Cartesian product with example?

Why we use commit and rollback?

Why on issuing rollback the recent command is not roll back?

Version Control System(Amisha)

What is -a flag in commit command?

Difference between Git and Github?

Practical Implementation of Merge Conflict?

Math Piper(Gagandeep)

Is mathpiper a library or Program?

What is the difference between framework and software?

Can we install jdk instead of jre in installation of java?

What is the meaning of tar xvfj filename? Is it work if we interchange the position of xvfj eg. xvjf?

What is the meaning of sh ?

How basically the mathpiper default program works? What will happen if we delete the ? in while loop.

What is the basic advantage of Math piper over other softwares like Weboctave etc.?

What is Histogram and its difference from BarGraph?

CGI(Jagjeet Singh)

In experimental we need to give extention .out for displaying at web browser.

As browser acts between client and server, then among which terms does CGI act?

Difference between GET and POST methods with practical example?

What is the need to find length of string?

Commands on console(Tamandeep Khamba)

What is difference between pwd, pwd -P and pwd -L ?

ln -s <directory / file name> used for creating shortcuts.

What is meaning of -p in mkdir? What will happen if we don’t write this flag?

What is difference between . and .. ?

Difference between user,group and others?

Open-Scad(Honey Deol)

What is GNU?

What are the applications of OpenScad?

How to modify the file that when we open that file it directly shows figure of chair in right axis instead of that we manually need to do it?

How to add net in basket in your basketball court file?

Scala Language( Harpreet)

Scala is extension of java

Practical implementation of various public classes in Scala?

What is the meaning of res eg. res0,res1 etc.?

Make a program in Scala and explore about it more.

Why the name of class and file is same in Scala?

Wordpress website(Sumandeep Kaur)

Try to install wordpress on your computer and make website over there.

What is the difference between a Website and Blog?

Applications(Jugraj Singh)

Different Website and mobile applications : Electron, Xamarin, Qt, XOJO, Codename

What is Raspberry Pi?