LibreHatti by Inderpreet Singh

Joel test for programmers: It’s a fairly esoteric system for measuring how good a software team is. Many points are considered(12 points) which consists of gitlab and github points

LH(LibreHatti) - He mainly knows about Catalog.

According to him LH has multiple apps. It has a lot of immature code as it is subjected to programmer’s experimentation since 2010. Every time new trainees come up and make changes. At the time of training, most have Project Pressure i.e. they have pressure to complete their projects.

Generally, Those who begin have more advantages than those who join in later. Others face difficulties as they have to do modifications and add features to the work already done. Also, there has been no code reviews and code has been rewritten three times. Due to these, LH suffers and documentation part is too lacking.

Strategy to deal with LH:

1.Decentralising LH

2.Long term programmers and maintainers

3.Non-trainees Stand up!

4.Okay to rewrite!

But not without proper plan and strategy

5.Not without keeping the current version running

(Keep the UI same)

So FINALLY……His requirements:

Need 5 programmers

Need them for long time

Ideally they should be freelancers

(The ones who have almost passed their training and experienced the real life and it’s challenges).

Current State: It’s no longer generalised but mainly devoted to tcc

The modules are highly interdependent on each other

Sir suggested that let it be a general purpose e-commerce software. It should be a standalone software and customisable according to the implementation at different places.