Julia by Arshpreet Singh

Q. Is C a open source language?

Ans. Yes

Q. How fast is C?

Ans. C is language performs average on each algorithms.

Q. What is general programming language?

General programming laguage means it is used for writing softwares like for making servers, apps etc.

Java is general programming language

Java can be used in embedded systems, data analysis.

Python is much slower than Java. import time a = time.time() n = input("select : ") def f(n): if n==0: return 0 if n==1: return 1 return f(n-1)+f(n-2) print "f(",n,") is", f(n) print "time of execution is : ", time.time()-a

Multiple Dispatch: Different code is automatically chosen based on the types of the all arguments supplied to a function.

Scripting language can not use all he threads simaltaneously.

GIL (Global Interpreted Lock)

It is amechanism used in Computer language interpreters to synchronise the execution of threads so that only one native thread can execut at a time.

RAM can not be collaborated with CPU.

Now, time to install Julia.

$sudo apt-get install julia

Difference between generic function and normal function?

We can’t write mobile apps in julia, yet. It is used for data science.

Python release 300 to 350 packages daily whereas node release 1000 packages daily.

We tried to make program of fibonacci in julia as well as in python.

Command to check execution time of function in Julia is

@elapsed f(25)

On next presentation he will discuss more on multiple dispatch i.e difference between the time taken to download the movie normally and through mltiple dispatch.